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Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

With decades of experience of the idiosyncratic Greek market, her impressively numerous Global contacts, her famous customers, her unparalleled ability to choose exceptional real estate, Despina Eleonora maintains a sophisticated and famous business.

Our Mission

Dedicated to serve our sciences in the best possible way, offering speed and essential assistance, as far as possible, to citizens around the world, to invest and secure profits, operating companies in our country, while enjoying it.

Our Values

With passion, love, dedication, and hard work, Despina Eleonora herself and her selected collaborators for decades, are constantly carving a path of high standards that now reaches the limits of art.

Our Vision

We are expanding into several notable clients, as well as a number of outstanding scientists in many related fields, as a result of which we are strengthening our projects in a pioneering action.

Our Resources

Contributing to the creation of a competitive Greece, with ethos, values, avant-garde, and quality, we constantly invite scientists to work with us. If you share our interest in serving in the best possible way Greeks abroad and all those who love Greece, send us an email with your subject and contact details.

Meet Our Team

If you want the best possible care for your business and real estate needs, our certified professionals are here to help you.

Babis Filippoussis

CEO at Dessignum Legal Services
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George Karatzas
Happy Client
Excellent, fast and inexpensive help, to invest and ensure profits, and Real Estate Business operating companies in Greece, while improving the quality of life.
Ιωάννα Μαουνη
Happy Client
Δε θα ξεχάσω ποτέ την στιγμή που άλλαξε τη ζωή μου η Δέσποινα Ελεονωρα Τριανταφυλλου. Πνιγομουν 4 χρόνια από ψεύτικους επαγγελματίες που με είχαν απογοητεύσει, και ξαφνικά αυτή η κοπέλα με έσωσε. Μην το σκέφτεστε πολύ. Προτιμήστε την!
Nikos Anagnostopoulos
Happy Client
All in One Solution a team of colleagues who can help through every step of purchasing in the most beautiful place on earth! She is honest and creative. Totally recommended

All the scientists you will need

Easily find who you need and contact for an appointment

Become a legend! Conquer the GREEK market!

In the postmodern age we live in, talents, physical abilities, experiences and acquired qualifications are not enough! You need Strategic Marketing and Management Systems!

In Greece? Yes, In Greece! Especially in Greece!

Our name is “Dessignum | Upgrade your living!”, and not only will you get everything you want with us, but we will also help you with Financial Support throughout Greece!

With the New Development Law that subsidizes – depending on the size of your business – from 60% to 80%, the Recovery Fund, and the New ESPA, we are pleased to welcome you to Greece to invest and win profits!

Our continuous monitoring of the World Market is our thing, and the ART of the Marketing science lies on market research at a pulse level of your consumers’ deepest desires.
Dessignum is the answer to your 2022 prayers when it comes to cashflow in Greece, no matter what country you come from, and as soon as you make the decision to help yourself out, your future self will THANK YOU eternally. Our goal is your recognition in your industry through the satisfaction, readability, and prestige of your name in the very hearts of your customers.

Listen to the voice of the global business world: Those who stick to the old patterns and sales techniques are already dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Special services for your business:

Consultancy, Review and Analysis of budgets.
Evaluation, Implementation, and Audit of business models and systems.
Preparation for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards accreditations and certifications.
Coaching on any type of Marketing and Business Management.
Training for Companies, Groups, and Individuals, on any Business management topic/sector such as: Marketing Research & Development (R&D), Strategy, Innovation, Design, Facilities, Knowledge, Public relations (PR), Financial programs, Human resources (HR), Information technology (IT), Procurement, Sales, Operations, Supply chain, Risk measurement, Change, Quality.

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We are here to show you how to triumph in the game of the GREEK real estate market.

To be able to earn multiple winnings, one or more times, even in parallel, simply by participating in it. In short, if you have already dealt with the Stock Exchange at some point in your life, you know that when you were taken over by a Stock Exchange Agent, your profits immediately increased. The same happens in real estate, only so far FEW have the access to be taken over by a leading professional of its kind in Greece.

FAQ: How do I get into this game?

ANSWER: Acquiring property. And ALREADY the first acquisition prescribes your success or failure.

“Nothing seems so sad in my eyes as the true family stories of people who have been fortunate enough to inherit real estate, and while having children, are slowly but steadily selling out their inheritance for a living. Nobody ever told them how to manage their property PROPERLY”

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

It is not a matter of luck that many people lose their homes and businesses. It is purely the result of overestimating their ability to know what is happening, and to predict what will happen.

After all, there are scientists like us who are constantly expanding our field of knowledge, no matter how many years of knowledge, experience, and facts we have on our backs.

What can we do for you more than anyone else?

• To present you properties that no one else has (private real estate)
• Show you which area you need to run for more profit
• To Shape Your Purchasing Sales Plan
• To give you ACCESS to innovative projects


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As the successor to the 50-year-old legal name of Georgios Filippoussis’s father, Charalambos responded to the changes that required monitoring of the World Economy and the change of framework at European level, to raise the family name to a higher level.

Apart from dealing with matters of general law (civil law, criminal law) he also specializes in banking law, corporate law (decisions, law modifications etc.). He works with law firms, companies in all the countries of the European Union, handling cases with his partners in the international human rights court, and he has been a legal adviser to major Greek companies in the construction industry of public and private projects and in real estate transactions.

By creating any kind of transaction and having any process under daily monitoring of the constant changes, you ensure your security in a foreign country like Greece. In terms of your first investment in Greece, it is extremely important to prepare the necessary documents in a very short space of time. Contact us to find out what is required to meet your goal, to avoid delays and failures before you arrive in Greece. Much more when you want to build a project or set up your own business.

With us, you have at your side a plethora of Attorneys and Notaries with special knowledge, both for the institutional framework and for the tax system of today’s Greece.

Babis Filippoussis Legal CEO @ Dessignum | Upgrade your living! Athens, Capital of Greece

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To build something unique regardless of volume, use and location you need the best of its kind. In Greece to get started you need 4 different types of engineers, and they will rarely tell you this since there is usually rivalry between them. We have overcome these obstacles for decades, however.

Our outstanding engineers have brilliant CVs, with work both in Greece and abroad. There is no reason to have a headache. With us you have a well-tuned machine with decades of experience, Global understanding of architectural trends and solutions, and the best technical teams. And that’s the biggest guarantee of all for an amazing and complete result in completing a project.

Upgrading ideas, respect for the environment, emphasis on our client’s personality in architecture, are just some of our strong features.

An important factor in addition to the experience in the industry and in the management of the 80+ different construction workshops, is our smooth and correct contact with the involved government services. This focal point has been disastrous for many of our competitors, with the result that their customers lose a lot of money for no reason and take years to get the building ready.

What do you ensure with us:

• Combination of the old school (1970) with the current one
• Ideal value for money
• Delivery with timetable
• Sequence of your Marketing plan
• Solutions, solutions, solutions


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Our dear friends’ accountants are the people who take care of what we do to register the tax office correctly and if it wants to put it’s hand deeper in our pockets to cut it!

Absolutely nothing should put a stop to your strategic, professional, and development plans, and the way to do this, apart from creating your unique tax plan, and handling all the paperwork for any establishment, is to provide you with timely up-to-date information and the best suggestions for addressing any issue.

In the business plans we propose there is always an accountant to monitor their progress, regardless of whether you already have your own. Speed, integrity, confidentiality, and solutions. These ensure success here.

The excellent operation of the accounting ensures the proper flow of the Business plan, as well as any improvement required instantly by the Marketing department to take advantage of a given opportunity.

Cooperation Via Strategic Marketing and Legal Departments:


Full Representation in Greece to foreign residents:

• Transfer and Documentation process of your tax residence abroad.
• Mergers and Acquisitions of companies.
• Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation.
• Financial restructurings and Payroll management.
• Amending, Supplementary statements of previous years.
• Electronic submission of the income declaration in TAXIS.
• Immediate calculation and printing of your Notice of income tax assessment.
• Electronic submission of E9 (for the amendment of assets/inheritance) and Ε2 forms (for the collected rents).


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Working Hours

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 11:00 – 17:00
Hellas Timezone: GMT +2

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