Easily find who you need and contact for an appointment​

Arrange a first contact to record your issue.

It is essential that you contact us at least a month before your visit to Greece so that we prepare your goal with every validity.

With confirmed information you can up to a point, and beyond that with a power of attorney to someone in Greece or with your own physical presence.

We can manage them, keeping a motion file for your immediate information.

We can help you prepare your property and its complete file so that we can bring you a buyer immediately.

Can you tell me if it is in my interest to upgrade it or demolish it and build a new one in its place?

Our Architects and Civil Engineers are top in such conditions, and know how to provide excellent solutions to any problem

Wherever and whenever we see that cooperation with other governmental or non-governmental bodies is required, of course we do it for the most accurate and consistent results.
Activating a permanent supervision contract for your business with the Marketing Department.

• Opening a bank account in Greece
• Opening the tax registration number to the Greek Tax Office
• Study of investment proposal file
• Your representation in the required public services
• Advice based in the latest legislation of Greece and the European Union
• Collaboration with a Notary for drafting, and translation of investment contracts
• Registration of your new property to the competent Land Registry
• Issuance of a Visa Residence in Greece
• Cooperation with Credit Institutions
• Cooperation with the Greek Stock Exchange (Athens)

We can evaluate any property in Greece, in relation to the period you request and with a forecast mood.
We can help you prepare your property and bring you a tenant immediately.
We are known for our ability to find the ideal properties for our customers.

Choose with the Marketing department, the development and expense plan you want, and we will give you the right partner.

The competent services required to process my cases are under-functioning or completely shut down?


In Greece, the competent state services remain closed, and at the same time all the scientists associated with them, on the following dates:
• 15 days around Christmas & New Year
• 15 days around Orthodox Easter
• The entire month of August

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