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Despina Eleonora Triantafillou

Utilizing her exceptional experience and knowledge in the international markets, and in combinaton with the requested avant-garde that touches the lives of all of us with dizzying speed, Despina Eleonora Triantafillou serves an extensive and elite global clientele.

Top business consultant

Despina Eleonora started her successful career 33 years ago, in the tough sectors of Technology and Tourism, in a way quite eloquent with investment bringing profits to all involved. As a result, she easily had a triumphant start with 3 National Awards from a US worldwide real estate company, 18 years ago.


As Founder and CEO of “Dessignum | Upgrade your living!”®©, her goal has always been to give a step to every remarkable freelancer. To those who also have a strong commitment, moral conscience, and unique approach to each case.


Today, together with her countless partners, she feels grateful and receives the honor for the trust shown to them by brilliant people, critical institutions, as well as the elite circle of relevant experts, regarding their top performance both in Greece and Cyprus.

Despina Eleonora Triantafillou
Founder and CEO

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